Starting out in business as a stressed, single mum with an overdraft and debts, Natalie knows the value of attaining financial freedom.

She loves nothing more than empowering and coaching women, especially Mums who are torn between wanting to be successful but not wanting to miss precious milestones with their children.

Natalie is a huge supporter of female entrepreneurs as she knows first hand the challenges that women face in the world of business.

Juggling home and work life can be a constant battle but she has personally mentored hundreds of business owners towards achieving their dreams and goals in life.

Through her network marketing business Natalie mentors her team day in day out, growing her networking family, increasing her teams’ incomes and coaching them to accomplish their life and business goals.

Helping others to reach financial freedom is massively important to Nat. On her journey to build a successful business she was helped at every step by friends, family and mentors.

“Building a business around young children is not easy. It takes drive, determination, passion and a lot of courage. You need to be persistent, consistent and have a laser like focus on your goals. I have made my fair share of mistakes along a very bumpy road to the Number One position in my company, but reaping the benefits when it works is what drives me. I love seeing people achieve their goals and watching their confidence soar”.

Natalie realised very early on that in order to succeed in Network Marketing, people need access to top quality, on-going training. They need to feel part of a team and supported every step of the way.

As well as numerous resources loaded onto YouTube and Facebook she has created a training website that offers individuals on-going support, inspiration and knowledge.

It is by design and not by luck that Natalie’s team dominates the success charts. She is happily waiting for the day when a member of her team overtakes her to become the new Number One in the UK.


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