“We are so proud to be a part of Natalie’s No.1 team”

Since joining Forever the support we have been given has been invaluable. Natalie has shown us a very simple duplicatable system that we have been able to pass down to our teams, generations deep and we are creating a very successful business from the guidance and training we have been given. The support and team spirit from Natalie’s wider team has created a great fun environment to build our business.

We are so proud to be a part of Natalie’s team which is number 1 in the UK ! Thank you Natalie for everything.

Tracey & Chris Munro 

“My life is overall richer in every way possible”

I got started in July 2013 just to top up my maternity money but after seeing real people achieve extraordinary things I thought why not me? Due to my personal situation my nursing career was no longer going to be an option for us as a family so with Natalie’s training, tools, support and coaching I developed myself and my team to create a life I could have only dreamt of in my nursing career.

What has working alongside Natalie given me? Time, flexibility, the option to be successful but also mom at home with no compromise, Natalie has given me the confidence to be me and have belief in myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. The training she has put in place and the tracks she has given me to run on with my business is priceless. I have also made many life long amazing new friends, my life is overall richer in every way possible.

Samantha Pearce

“Natalie is indeed exactly what she chooses to share on social media”

You are what you share is what we believe to be true about the power of social media in today’s world and we tested this the day we met Natalie Heeley for the first time. Our curiosity began after being introduced to the product in the Autumn of 2013. The quality was clear and having spent 15 years as senior leaders in the John Lewis Partnership we instinctively knew that a great product like this, shared in the right way, was a recipe for business success. Our research naturally started with social media, where Natalie’s world-leading business growth quickly became apparent. The culture we upheld in John Lewis means that we do not just value business success on outcomes alone as these are only part of the story; the core of success is in the behaviour and attitude of how it is achieved.

On social media we didn’t just see a world leading Distributor who topped the tables, we also saw a 37-year-old single mum of two young children who portrayed courage, honesty and integrity in business. THAT was why we got in touch with Natalie and choose her as our sponsor.

All that remained in putting social media to the test was when we met Natalie for the first time in January 2014 when we found that she is indeed exactly what she chooses to share on social media.

Gemma Easdon & Beth Turner